Download Projection

How much your internet connection can download

How much could you download if you hammered your connection non-stop all day every day? We've done a few calculations to find out -- the numbers below have been calculated on 85% of the full connection speed (to take into account overheads, disconnections etc., and of course to not make anyone too optimistic).

For those unsure of the terminology, a connection speed is rated in Kbps (Kilobits per second) -- the small b is very important as it denotes a bit, not a byte. Dividing the Kbps speed by 8 will give you the KB/s (KiloBytes per second) you can expect -- be careful to not mix up the b and the B, small b is always for bits and big B is for Bytes.

ConnectionPer SecondĀ Per MinutePer Hour
Per DayPer Month
33.6k 3.5KB 210Kb 12.6MB 302MB 9.0GB
56k 5.9KB 357K 21.4MB 514.0MB 15.4GB
128k 13.6KB 816Kb 48.9MB 1.1GB 35.2GB
256k 27.2KB 1.6Mb 97.9MB 2.3GB 70.5GB
384k 40.8KB 2.4Mb 146MB 3.5GB 105.7GB
512k 54.4KB 3.2Mb 195MB 4.7GB 141.0GB
1Mbps 106.25KB 6.3Mb 382MB 9.4GB 275.4GB
2Mbps 212.5KB 1207MB 765MB 18.3GB 550.8GB
4Mbps 425.0KB 2535MB 1.5GB 36.7GB 1.1TB
8Mbps 850KB 51.0MB 3.0GB 73.4GB 2.2TB
10Mbps 1.0MB 63.7MB 3.8GB 91.8GB 2.7TB
24Mbps 2.5MB 153.0MB 9.1GB 220.3GB 6.6TB
50Mbps 5.3MB 318.0MB 19.1GB 459.0GB 13.7TB
100Mbps 10.6MB 637.5MB 38.2GB 918.0GB 27.5TB
1Gbps 106.2MB 6.3GB 382.0GB 9.1TB 275.4TB

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