Education Sector

In many countries within the YahClick coverage area, the physical network infrastructure in rural and remote areas is underdeveloped. This is where satellite Internet makes a difference, and where the Internet can be a central component of the educational ICT strategy.

Rural schools, learning centers and small colleges have a pressing need for Internet connectivity in order to keep up with international standards. Governments are focusing on delivering affordable, improved Internet access for the population and for education in particular.

YahClick provides instant connectivity and cost effective Internet access which can enhance learning institutions in the most remote locations.

Key Benefits and Applications

  • Internet browsing, email and social media
  • Access to online learning applications, distance learning, international libraries and technological resources
  • Connectivity for team communication and collaboration
  • Opportunity for teachers and students to enrich teaching and learning skills
  • Online distribution of student reports and studies
  • Wide reaching coverage in urban, rural and remote areas
  • Scalable and flexible packages with varying speeds and data download allocations
  • Quick to install and easy to operate
  • Direct connection through satellite to subscribers
  • Friendly and helpful technical and customer care support

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